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Now Partnered with Charity Swipes

Posted on 01-11-2016

Merchant Services of San Diego is now the proud partner of Charity Swipes! The southern California merchant service provider, Charity Swipes, shares the same values and dedication to service ...

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Wells Fargo are quite the shady bunch!

Posted on 07-29-2013

Over the last few months, I've received an alarming number of clients contacting me because they received a "better offer" from their bank, Wells Fargo. As a personal account manager for...

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Merchant Services of SAN DIEGO has now expanded to ORANGE COUNTY

Posted on 09-22-2012

We're slowly but surely working our way up the California coast! Our mission has always been to provide personalized service, and assign personal account managers to every one of our clients. Because ...

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Do I Really Need To Accept Cards?

Posted on 09-22-2012

YES! In today's market I don't know too many successful businesses that don't accept credit cards. Over the years, there have been numerous studies showing if a merchant accepts credit cards as...

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FANF - Fixed Aquirer Network Fee

Posted on 06-02-2012

Well, boys and girls, it looks like the Durbin Amendment has caused Visa to strike back after losing considerable amounts of money. As of April 1, 2012, Visa began charging a Fixed Acquirer Netw...

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"0.50%" DOES NOT EXIST!!!

Posted on 04-02-2012

This is a follow up to last night's rant about the disgustingly dishonest company that I continue to come across. I pretended to be a retail store owner today and called into their sales departmen...

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Beware of Companies Offering You "0.50% Processing"

Posted on 03-31-2012

It's been an unfortunate series of re-occurring events over the last few months for me... I've received multiple phone calls in that time from my clients who were confused after they got off the phone...

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Global Payments Data Breach

Posted on 03-30-2012

It was a top news story today that "A major card processor" had it's security breached by hackers. First and foremost, I want to assure everyone who works with Merchant Services of San Diego...

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Why Accept Credit Cards?

Posted on 02-26-2012

Here's a few quick bullet points on the benefits of accepting credit cards at your business... Your customers can now choose the way to pay that suits them best: You can offer to accept major credi...

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Interchange Pricing

Posted on 02-22-2012

To most merchants (business owners), the interchange plus merchant account structure is foreign and sounds more complicated than the tiered structure, but in reality, just the opposite is true. Th...

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Should You Ever Lease a Terminal???

Posted on 02-11-2012

How can I say this eloquently?... HECK NO!!! Terminal leases are the biggest scam in our industry, and one that leaves the shady sales person VERY happy. Under no circumstances will the merchant ev...

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Durbin Amendment

Posted on 02-05-2012

If you haven't heard of the Durbin Amendment, then there is a good chance your merchant services provider is taking advantage of you!... Congress initiated the Durbin Amendment in August 2011 in an...


Debit Card Regulations

Posted on 08-22-2011

We've been hearing about it for a while and it has finally happened: The regulation of debit interchange. After fierce battling for more than a year, debit interchange is to be regulated to $.21 p...

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If It Sounds Too Good To Be True...

Posted on 08-01-2011

I'm sure I don't have to finish the title sentence, seeing as you all probably know it. It's a simple piece of advice to live by, and those who have the discipline to do so often save themselves $1000...

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Surcharging Customers for Using Their Cards is ILLEGAL.

Posted on 10-11-2010

Visa and MasterCard have long standing regulations preventing surcharging customers for using a credit card. Recently they have allowed discounting for cash purchases (wordsmithing somehow negates the...

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What Do You Need In a Merchant Account???

Posted on 10-01-2010

So what's really important to you, the merchant, when accepting credit card payments?   1. It needs to work, period!   2. God forbid something does go wrong, it needs to get fixed,...

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Posted on 10-01-2010

I've heard an alarming trend from a number of sources about how to hook up a credit card terminal to a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) telephone system. Several of the examples I've seen probably ...

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San Diego Credit Card Processing

Posted on 08-14-2010

Have you ever seen the 2000 movie "Boiler Room"? There is a scene I will never forget (HERE) in which Chris (played by Vin Diesel) closes a sale without ever mentioning a single fact about t...

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Accept Credit Cards in Your Business

Posted on 08-08-2010

If you aren't accepting credit cards in your business, you are simply throwing money away. Over 70 percent of all purchases are made using a credit card. On top of that, the average credit card sale i...

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It's Time to Save Money

Posted on 08-01-2010

As the owner of a business, you have a thousand hats to wear and a million things to think about. Obviously, finances should be at the top of these priorities and they most likely are for you. Aft...

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Rates are only one factor, FEES are the other...

Posted on 07-22-2010

The most frequent question I receive is "what are your rates?" When shopping for a merchant account, make sure you look at more than just the rates! Rates are one of the most misleading w...

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Why Choose MSofSD?

Posted on 07-20-2010

No up-front fees!No application fees, no programing fees, no customer support fees. In fact, we'll reprogram your existing credit card processing terminal for free if you are already accepting credit ...

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Are you PCI Compliant?

Posted on 06-23-2010

Not sure what PCI compliant means? Don't feel bad. Many merchants just like yourself are unfamiliar with the term and even less familiar with the requirements set forth within the world-wide security ...

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Why is Interchange Plus pricing better than Tiered pricing?

Posted on 06-08-2010

Product packaging can be more deceptive in the merchant service world than in the supermarket. A tiered pricing program will often have a very low qualified debit card rate, qualified credit car...

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